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18th September 2019 

Gender Therapist in London

What is our sexual identity and how exactly do we live it out? Many people struggle with gender identity and the answer to this question is complex. Many are only able to answer it with the help of gender therapy.

There are many expectations put upon us in terms of our gender and perceived role in society. We need to be able to manage the expectations others place on us, and those we place upon ourselves.

Questions that are explored during gender therapy
Do I need to come out? If yes, then who to and how? What do I want from an intimate relationship? What is my role? Or am I content with my own company? How does gender, and society's view of gender, affect me? Am I really comfortable in my body? How do I find the path that is right for me? Can I accept being 'different'? Where can I find information to make informed and independent decisions about my future, including hormone treatment or surgery? Gender therapy explores all of these issues, worries and concerns.

"But you can only lie about who you are for so long without going crazy." Ellen Wittlinger

How gender therapy can help you
As a gender therapist in London, my role is to help individuals who are struggling with their gender identity or sexuality. I can help you find the courage to answer your own questions, and the wisdom that is already within you. It is important to remember that our gender and sexuality are part of us, part of our humanity, and we need to be accepting and happy with both our gender and sexual orientation in order to live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.

As an experienced gender therapist in London, I will help you to explore your issues surrounding gender identity, and believe that self-acceptance is the only way forward, allowing you to live as the person you truly are.

To learn more about my gender therapist London service, please get in touch with me today by phoning 07910 503372 or clicking on the email link above.